Pet Adoption and Rehoming Services

Do you need to find your pet a home or breeders who need help to place a pet into a new home due to medical, moving or in an emergency situation?   We service all states in the United States and provide transportation to pick up your pet.  Rehoming or adoption services offers expert and professional help for caring pet owners who want the very best for their pet.  We help you rehome a pet safely and effectively.  

No responsible pet owner wants to give up their pet, but there are many understandable reasons why pet owners need to rehome their pet.

Placing your beloved family member in a shelter or rescue is NOT always the answer. Most animal shelters are filled to capacity with pets needing homes, and some even put pets to sleep if they are considered “unadoptable”, or if the shelter needs to make room for more pets. It is not something that most pet owners would want for their cherished companions.

Finding a loving new home for your pet while they remain in your care is the very best solution. And that is exactly what Adirondack P.E.T.S.LLC pet rehoming team do for our clients.  

We will do background checks, vet references, transportation and offer pictures to you for peace of mind that your pet is in a good home.  Most adoptees will offer pictures and videos for you.  We also make two home visits one before adoption and one two weeks after adoption.  Your pet will never be placed in a shelter and we have an agreement with adoptees to bring the pet back here for another adoption free of charge.  Since 2018 we have not had a pet returned and all in forever homes.   

All clients files are kept confidential and will not be shared. 

See a pet below you are interested in adopting ask for an application and we will send one to you.  

Call today and leave voicemail or email at for an application. 


ADOPTED! He is no longer available. Thank you everyone for your interested and I will keep your applications on file for a year should another poodle come in.

We have a rehoming of a Mini Poodle that needs a home. 

Click Here for more information about Coco!  Here




    Update:   He is at home and no longer available.  Thank you for the application and your application will be kept for a year.   

    A beautiful Irish Setter AKC Puppy needed for rehome and he was a surprise gift to someone is not capable to care for him.  She is wanted to get the rehome fee for what they paid for him to give back to them.  She feels horrible about it but she is unable to handle him.  If you are interested please fill out the application below and we will discuss the fee and more about the puppy.  Just have a lot of applications and want to get the best home for him.  There is a screening process and two home visits for before and after and out of state will be a longer process.  He is for a forever home only.   We also have a no shelter policy in place. 




    Yorkies have been adopted!!!  This adorable Yorkie is available and he does come with papers ACA  and a vet health check which came out perfect.  There is no issues and great with kids.  Application, Home Visits and Rehome fee applies.   Forever home only.  


    This sweet baby is a special needs puppy and she is def.  She is a female and is Bull Dog mixed with Boston Terrier and need a home that can connect with her through sign language.  I will be strict with the homing so I will require home visits and vet reference.  If you live in an apartment I will need to speak to your landlord or HOA to make sure it is okay you will be adopting her.  I am looking for a forever home only.  I don't want her rehomed. 



    Mountain Bernese AKC and parents had genetic testing done but not full OFA and scored A and I have the paperwork from Gensol Diagnostics.   I also have the AKC papers for both parents.  He is a male and passed vet clearance.  This is a closed adoption for this adorable pup.  He is around one child and very loveable and playful.   He sure is a cutie.  He will be half off of a normal OFA dog due to rehoming but the owners want a rehoming fee. 

    No description available.

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