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Safe Travels with Airlines and Amtrak

We offer Pet Ambulance and Petair Service. 

We will be providing service as a pet flight attendant service for small animals boarding a plane or train for both USA and International. Need to relocate a pet, try our petair service.   

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Email me your destinations and I will get a quote for you.  You will need to send me the breed of your dog and weight.   We can provide the flight crate or Amtrak crate for you.    We are now an affiliate and corporate travel with Amtrak and airlines.  We are happy to be able to do business with them.  

Call or email:   (518) 844-9379 or adirondackpets@gmail.com 

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Many of us share an intense love and bond with our animal companions. For us, a pet is not “just a dog” or “just a cat,” but rather a beloved member of our family, bringing companionship, fun, and joy to our lives. A pet can add structure to your day, keep you active and social, help you to overcome setbacks and challenges in life, and even provide a sense of meaning or purpose. So, when a cherished pet dies, it’s normal to feel racked by grief and loss.

The pain of loss can often feel overwhelming and trigger all sorts of painful and difficult emotions. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend.

While we all respond to loss differently, the level of grief you experience will often depend on factors such as your age and personality, the age of your pet, and the circumstances of their death. Generally, the more significant your pet was to you, the more intense the emotional pain you’ll feel. The role the animal played in your life can also have an impact.

If you’re coping with the loss of a beloved pet, whether it’s recent or happened some time ago, you are not alone in your grief.  Reaching out and finding support to help you better understand the loss that you’re experiencing and knowing that your feelings are perfectly normal and valid can go a long way to help you through this difficult time of bereavement. The resources that I’ve put together are here to acknowledge you as a person in mourning and honor your feelings. And as time goes on I will help you down the path to finding meaning and healing along the way.

I want to form support groups in Fulton County that can provide a safe and non-judgmental place for family members to go to be able to share their feelings and experiences whether it be before or after the loss of their beloved pet. Support groups are a place where family members will meet others who understand what they are going through as many times your own family and friends may not completely understand your grief.  In the groups I will welcome children as well.  We will find a meeting spot and time that everyone can meet, and we can start the healing process.  

Individual one on one pet loss counseling will be available.  Sometimes one on one assistance can be the best way to help you when grieving the loss of your beloved companion.  

Sessions will be based on times that are needed and I will have available time slots available.

I do offer online distance counseling. Not all counseling needs to be away from your home. Distance therapy is available and can be just as helpful.

I have a counseling degree in counseling and I also attended many workshops over the years in grief counseling. 


Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. Every family will be different and the choice is yours alone to make. Three options are available when considering aftercare of your pet's remains. Adirondack P.E.T.S. are equipped to transport your pet after they pass. 

Please call (518) 844-9379 to set up an appointment.  Transportation can be arranged, if you do not have transportation.  You can visit me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/adirondackpets/    We have group rates for transportation.  You can also visit the website at www.adirondackpets.com.   If you are interested in assisting with support groups, please contact me.  







 AKC Pet Insurance (Pet Parners) Pet insurance is quite easy! The plans are reimbursement based insurance plans. This means that once your pet has seen the vet, you pay them up front, submit your claim to PetPartners, and we reimburse you for the eligible charges according to your policy terms and conditions.   Ask for coverage for our Pet Ambulance Service!  Get a quote and once you enroll, let us know that you are now enrolled.   We will add you on our client list for enrolled in Pet Ambulance coverage.

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