No Appointments needed except for AirTravel, Long distance Relocation, and Amtrak


Animal Shuttle Service

We offer a non-emergency pet shuttle service to help get your pet to grooming, foster care, SPCA, veterinary appointments, airports, a ride to the City or anywhere else your pet needs to be and small to medium farm animals transport. No appointments are necessary, if available we will transport.

Emergency Ambulance & First Aid Services

If your pet is sick or injured and you are unable to get him to a clinic on your own, we will come to you and transport your pet to an emergency clinic or a veterinarian of your choice.

 This service is available until Midnight.  If after Midnight leave message and if available, someone will return your call.

  Owner(s) or caretaker can ride with their pet in the 

ambulance. (Some Service Restrictions may apply) 

Deceased Animal Removal and pet owner(s) can ride with their pet.  Transport to a veterinary of your choice.

Payment must be made before transport due to USDA Regulations.   

So if you think you might need transport due to sick or elderly dog, we will take your information, for the just in case situations and keep you and your pet on-call on a weekly basis. (No charge for this service) 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. 

We are fully insured, bonded and USDA licensed.



Safe Travels with Airlines and Amtrak

We offer Pet Ambulance and Petair Service. 

We will be providing service as a pet flight attendant service for small animals boarding a plane or train for both USA and International. Need to relocate a pet, try our petair service.   

Hope to see you!!!  


Call or Email for quote!

Call For A Quote or Email

Email me your destinations and I will get a quote for you.  You will need to send me the breed of your dog and weight.   We can provide the flight crate or Amtrak crate for you.    We are now an affiliate and corporate travel with Amtrak and airlines.  We are happy to be able to do business with them.  

Call or email:   (518) 844-9379 or 

ADIRONDACK P.E.T.S. HARNESS-Visit Shopping Mall to Purchase

Adirondack P.E.T.S. ID Harness

Lost and Found Pet, injured, located owner, will be able to call and locate your pet with this harness.

Custom Tags


Quality to last forever


Custom Luxury Chain Collars and Leashes

 Check out this great video and we now have Rose Gold with Rose diamonds and white diamonds.    We also can sell in bulk or individual.  Custom can be Gold mixed with silver, black with rose, etc.   We can custom size as well and remove or add links.  We provide engraving and name of your pet on the latch and back engraving.  Contact by email or IM on Facebook to discuss how your would like to design.   Great item and Great prices.  These are of high quality and makes a great gift.   


 AKC Pet Insurance (Pet Parners) Pet insurance is quite easy! The plans are reimbursement based insurance plans. This means that once your pet has seen the vet, you pay them up front, submit your claim to PetPartners, and we reimburse you for the eligible charges according to your policy terms and conditions.   Ask for coverage for our Pet Ambulance Service!  Get a quote and once you enroll, let us know that you are now enrolled.   We will add you on our client list for enrolled in Pet Ambulance coverage.

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