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Our Pet Ambulance and Transporter

Our Pet Ambulance and Transporter


Our Pet Ambulance and Transporter

Our Pet Ambulance and Transporter

Our Pet Ambulance and Transporter




Basic Charges for Transportation


Schedule is listed below for basic rates.  There is no tax on pets traveling alone in the ambulance.  Please utilize this service to provide safe transport and disease prevention for your pet and yourself.  After each transport we disinfect the entire vehicle and clean it to prevent the spread of disease and tick and flea transmission, ring worm, infections, pink eye, lyme disease and many other transmission  to yourself or others in the transport.  We follow all USDA rules so your pet is protected.   We offer oxygen and first aid and our vehicle is climate controlled for easy breathing and clean air.   Using our service will help us grow and provide more services in the future as well as non-emergency vehicles.  

Local round trip prices will be tailored around what the need and type of transport.  The price might be cheaper depending on transport. 

We will work with all customer on regular vet appointments.  


*Basic price list not including supplies needed for first aid for emergency and oxygen.  Also includes only one handler price, additional handler price is below. 

Prices are subject to change either lower or higher depending on gas prices and if your pet needs bandages, splints, etc. 

 Call for quotes over 60 miles for all ER emergencies


Senior Citizen discount 10% percent        

Military and VA discount 10% percent        

Up to 2 Family Passengers are allow in the  Ambulance with their pet.          

(Currently not available but coming soon animals 61-100 lbs)  

All aggressive animals must be in crates and will require an additional handler and can be the owner. We ask that owner ride with the animal if the animal is aggressive. We cannot take animals that are aggressive without a crate and must have a secured door. We cannot risk our staff getting hurt so we do ask that you ride with your pet and/or notify staff at the veterinary office  to escort animal to the clinic.


$25.00-65.00 (service charge per amount used)


  Call for rates. 

The owner is responsible for all preparation and documentation of their pet(s) travel.   We can assist with the preparation.  We can also supply the crate for an additional charge.

Relocation Rates

Contact us for a quote and availability.

Deceased Animal removal

All deceased animal removals will be $110.00 flat rate per animal for up to 60 miles and for one handler.  If additional is needed there will be an extra charge.    


We will take more than one animal in a group and price will depend on pickup and delivery.    You will need to sign a consent form and have your city license and last vaccination proof.  Reservations need to be called in so we have staff available and space available.   The transport will be in the ambulance for a safe and secure travel.  All pets must be in a crate with name tags.  If you do not have a City license for Fulton County, we can transport any party to City Hall to obtain their dog license.  Pet owners are allowed to ride with their pet.    Flea and tick prevention a must and we can help if your dog or cat needs flea control and grooming. 


Ambulance is equipped with stretchers, transport cage, oxygen & are extremely clean and sanitized. 

Our staff is highly trained in Pet First Aid and have their certificate, professional in handling animals and friendly. 

We offer special discounts for Rescue Organizations and veterinary facilities. Prices are subject to change.


All rescue animals and wildlife transportation to rehabilitators will be discounted.  

All transports must be paid ahead of time and we accept Cash, Check, Credit and Debit cards.   

Any cancellation 24 hours before transport will be refunded.   After 24 hours there will be a 50% charge. 

If airline tickets or train tickets are purchased, there is no refunds, the airline might credit your airfare for another time.  

Emergency Transport is 24 hours 7 days a week. 

We offer home service, pet supplies,  delivery service, and house and pet sitting.  Please see tables for all the services available.  

Thank you for visiting.  

Disclaimer:  While Adirondack Pet Ambulance Service is committed to providing prompt and compassionate service for you and your pet include CPR and First Aid, we do not provide any direct veterinary care, diagnosis, or life saving procedures.  Adirondack P.E.T.S. is an emergency pet transport service to transport your pet to the closest Veterinary Hospital or Emergency Care Facility with the utmost professional care and expediency.  

PetAir and Amtrak


Domestic & Worldwide Transport

Nationwide Air Travel & Train Service for pet and price ranges from $400 and Up.   We have a corporate account with an airline for cabin transport.  We have a professional Pet Flight Attendant.   All cabin pet transport must meet the requirements of the airline and must be under 25 lbs.

All tickets must be confirmed seating and we can get you rates with our corporate accounts to save you money. 

All flights start out from ALB Airport and Amsterdam NY Amtrak. 

We can purchase your ticket or you can purchase the ticket and hire our services. 

Cargo Flight we have pickup and delivery service. 

You can also hire our flight nanny to accompany an adult with their pet.


Your relocation and move is tax deductible !   Your moving expenses including your pets' moving expenses are tax deductible when your move is for change of employment.  Consult your tax adviser for further information.