Home Deliveries

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home


  We all love our pets, but sometimes love’s just not enough to keep us from forgetting to pick up pet food. At times we’re just so busy, or really tired, and it would be terrific if someone could take care of this for us 


So, if you’re:

  • working late
  • taking the kids to their activities
  • too darn tired to go out

And you want to avoid:

  • fighting traffic
  • icy roads & sidewalks
  • busy parking lots
  • big line-ups at the store
  • lugging heavy food bags
  • Surgery or medical 

Adirondack P.E.T.S is pleased to offer:

  • “At-Your-Door” Delivery
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Premium Grain-Free Products
  •  Special Diet Foods 
  • Flea and Tick Treatments and store items
  • Food Manufacturer with Highest Industry Accreditation
  • Convenient, Reliable, Worry-Free Service  
  • Flexible or Fixed-Date Delivery Dates
  • Highly Competitive and Affordable Pricing
  • Currently available for Gloversville and Johnstown Residents.   Coming soon neighboring Counties.   We take orders and then special order.  Once we have an established customer, we will keep that items stocked.  
  • If you don't see what you need, email and we will see if we can order it for you as well as keep it in stock.

We do require an affordable minimum transport fee with all orders.   Ask about our monthly fee for home delivery transports.

Items purchased from our store over $50 is free delivery for Gloversville and Johnstown within 8 miles from business. 

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home


  Prices vary by size for nails and ears and 


These are estimated prices not including service call to your home 

Extra Small (Under 10lbs) = $15
Small (10-25lbs) = $16
Medium (25-50lbs) = $25
Large (50-80lbs) = $30
Extra Large (80lbs+) = $35

Each additional dog is $10.00-20.00

Cat:  $15.00 

House call fee is $7.00 (Gloversville residents only).   

Wound bandage changes are different prices depending on wound.  We work under Veterinary guidance.  Call for quote.

 Toothbrushing: Your pet will have their teeth brushed with a personal tooth brush and minty fresh gel. This helps keep tartar in control, freshens breath and might help put off those costly dental bills!  Add an additional $10.00.  We do not make a separate trip for teeth cleaning.   

Hard to handle dogs will be $35 extra for additional handler or owner can lift and hold their pet for hard to handle.   Owners are encouraged to stay with pet to teach them that its ok and until they get used to the service.  Hard to handle dogs will need to be muzzled.  

We do not handle aggressive dogs that bite and need to be sedated.  We will be happy to teach you how to get them ready for grooming.   If we feel we can do it, the dog must be the size XS to Medium dog.  

If you dog needs to be sedated with a medication, we will do it but you need to give the pet their sedation pill with instruction by your vet. 

Outside of Gloversville, will be added for transport costs by mileage.

 Important Note: I like to work in conjunction with your veterinarian to provide the best quality care for your pet. I can not provide a diagnosis nor do I go against the advise and treatment plan given to you by your veterinarian.

Matt remover, fur shedding removal and Emergency Pet Grooming

Nail Clips, Ear Cleans and Wound Clean & Re-bandage at your home

Matt remover, fur shedding removal and Emergency Pet Grooming


I have groomed my dogs for over 22 years now and I am experienced with hard to handle grooming dogs.   I am not a professional groomer at this time and I am learning styles and designer cuts.    I have cocker spaniels that I groomed for all these years.  I never nicked them once during grooming.  I never shave them bald bc I don't want to groom them, and I take my time to master their cut.

We are low cost grooming and saving up to get established home base grooming salon.   I only can take small to medium dogs at this time.  

I have a financial aid form and if you fill it out and meet the requirements, I can discount your grooming and maintenance for your pet.  

I can also teach you how to trim your dog, cat or birds nail for a low cost as well as general maintenance.

Due to low cost grooming, we groom from your home and use your water or out of the ambulance.  

-DISCLAIMER- I am not a groomer in business of grooming. If your dog has mats or needs fur removed due to shedding, or minor grooming needs, can't afford a groomer at this time, I am happy to help but please note that I do not groom professionally but I have experience. You can always ask me and I can see what I can do.   I can recommend you to great groomers that I know and will assist you with your grooming needs. 

Our number one priority is to never leave a pet out from regular maintenance and healthy living because the cost is just too high.   Emergency grooming, means matted, rolled in something outside, etc.

Pet Sitting

Trap and Transport (Small Animals)

Matt remover, fur shedding removal and Emergency Pet Grooming


Gloversville - $35 per pet and each additional pet is $10.00 

Johnstown - $35 per pet and each additional pet is $10.00. per day 

Ask about discounted weekly and bi-weekly rates. 

All pet sitters will be screened and need to take the Pet safety course.  Will be bonded and experienced with First Aid and CPR training.  Also extensive pet care training.  

Our carefully selected pet sitters, are available to provide a live-in sitting service to care for your pets along with your home and possessions when you can’t be there.

We offer cat sitting, dog sitting and even smallholding or exotic pet sitting services for animal owners across  Fulton and Montgomery County giving you the freedom to take a short break, holiday or business trip with total peace of mind.

Our professional pet sitter will not only come in once or twice daily to feed and play. with your cat or dog but also scoop the litter or pickup any accidents but also keep an eye on his physical and emotional well being. You won’t have to worry that he/she will come in contact with cats or dogs whose health status is unknown to you or be stressed by the sound of dogs barking in a bipetual kennel. If you want, our pet sitter can give you daily updates by phone, email, or text or post pictures of your cat and/or dog or other pets, to a website or Facebook page. 

When services comes available the price range will be between $35-45.  Depends how many animals, travel, how long you want the sitter with your pets, play times and how many pets per household.  

There will be a free meet and greet for all pets so they can feel comfortable with the pet sitter.      



Pet Sitting is a stay of 1/2 an hour and you can request a longer stay if you would like the sitter to stay longer.  

Each pet sitting job is tailered around the situation, location and discounts will be applied to our quote.  

Trap and Transport (Small Animals)

Trap and Transport (Small Animals)

Trap and Transport (Small Animals)


Safe removal and trapping of small pet such as cats and dogs.  We do not trap and release reptiles nor bats or endangered species nor wildlife.  We have a trap for medium to small animals.   If you have a stray cat or dog, please have SPCA or Foster home prepared to take care of animal once he/she is trapped.   We can transport  for SPCA or foster home, service call fee applies.  

If a trap is needed, we do rent out traps for a daily rate. 

Inquire within for rates.   There will be a deposit taken for all traps.