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Who will be taking care of our pets?

Animals are much more aware of their surroundings than we give the credit for. If an animal handler is in-experienced, your pet will notice immediately and could become stressed as a result. That’s why Adirondack Pet Transport will be hiring only experienced handlers and drivers  who are required to undergo routine background checks and drug screenings. Furthermore, Adirondack Pet transport never hires someone who just “kind of” likes animals. Instead, we choose to hire individuals who love pets so your loved one is in good hands.

All of our drivers will go through extensive training that focuses on prevention.

They are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of anything that goes off baseline. This begins with your pet but follows through to the vehicle and themselves, included. They will have Pet First Aid and CPR kit with them and will have a certificate from Homeland Security with hands on experience. 

Do you allow owners to ride with their pet(s)?

All pets and owner aboard Adirondack Pet Transport’s service is allowed. We allow the owner of the pet to go with their dog in any State. You also do not have to be with your pet and we understand that sometimes that is difficult to ride with your pet.

We also do private trips for just you and your pet(s), out of state transport to dog parks, ocean trips, and ferry trips to NYC and Long Island. These do need to be book ahead of time. 

Do you charge wait time?

We do not charge wait time but if we do get called out, we will have to go on a call. We will come back to pick you and your pet up. We do have a private service where a handler can stay with you at all times. We also do make special arrangement(s) based on circumstances. 

What is pet fraud protection and why do I need it? This is optional service for you when purchasing or adopting your pet.

With our Pet Fraud Protection services, you don’t have to worry about potentially being scammed on a pet sale.  Adirondack Pet Transport will essentially act as the middleman in the process of purchasing a pet. All you have to do is provide us with the money for your new pet, and we will only pay the seller once we deem them reputable. This usually occurs when we arrive for pick-up of the pet. If you do  hire us for this service, we do send you pictures upon arrival of your pet to make sure you currently still want to adopt and we make an overall outside check to make sure no rashes, etc and I will report to you if I see fleas or ticks or anything unusual.   But please note, if you decide you do not want pet(s) due to a scam, our services still have to be paid but in the long run it will save you $100s and if not $1000s in vet bills.   There is no guarantee with any puppy purchase or shelter adoption but helps to make sure they are legit.  To make sure,  you will get a pet then have them take off with your money and no pet or shelter doesn't have the dog you adopted.

Will my pet(s) be fed?

All pets aboard Adirondack Pet Transport's service receive high quality, food and clean, purified water. Animal’s food and water are routinely replenished in accordance with owner’s instructions. If your pet requires a specific food or feeding schedule, be sure to pack enough food for the duration of the trip and provide written instructions to our driver/handler. Pet owners should be advised that animals will be fed our food which is Royal Canine. However, I do ask that you provide a bag of food that the pet(s) have been eating to avoid upset stomach, vomiting and loose stools. 

Why does my pet need a Certificate of Health when traveling long distance?

Pets can easily transport bacteria and diseases to other animals aboard. That’s why we require all pets to have a certificate of health administered by a licensed veterinarian. This protects our drivers and handlers, and all pets involved. However, it’s not just our rule. In fact, according to the USDA, all resident pets traveling through the United States need a health certificate issued in the United States with an official USDA endorsement stamp. This also includes pets who are traveling through the US whose destination country health certificates have expired. With that being said, having a health certificate for your pet is required by law and no exceptions will be made. We must protect all of our amazing drivers and furry guests. 


How will you keep my pet(s) clean? 

Adirondack Pet Transport adheres to a strict standard cleaning procedure that is in line with our values.  We want to make sure to keep your pet clean and comfortable during the entire trip. Our handlers will check and clean kennels every 2.5 hours. In an effort to avoid any adverse reactions to cleaning supplies, we choose only pet-friendly cleaning products. We want to ensure your pet is happy and healthy, and that they are having the ride of their life to their destination. As per our standards, we don’t want your animal to just be clean, but we want them to healthy as well. 

How often will our pet(s) get exercise?

Just like humans feel the need to stretch their legs after a long drive, animals need some fresh air and exercise too! We don’t want to keep your pet cooped up in a kennel any more than you do, which is why we ensure all animals aboard Adirondack Pet Transport receive exercise every 2.5 hours of the drive.

It’s at this time that we also clean their kennels and ensure they are happy and ready for the next bit of the drive. When giving them a chance to stretch and exercise, we walk them around the location, sometimes play fetch, and just give them all the love they deserve.

However, all puppies are no paws on ground unless they had a rabies vaccine. In this case we do let them walk around in the vehicle, and we take them out to play inside the vehicle. At that time, we do clean the kennel and makes sure fresh water is put in and to see if the puppy wants to eat. After feeding then we clean out the kennel again and get ready for the road.  

Do you have any breed restrictions? 

No.  Adirondack Pet Transport we don’t believe in bullying breeds. All pets are welcome to use our transport services as long as they are domestic and weigh less than 200 pounds. For those that may be afraid of this statement, we urge you to remember that all pets will be cared for and paid attention to so they can cohabitate accordingly. However, we do not transport aggressive animals unless owner is with them and cares for the pet(s). We do not take any animals that have been trained to be aggressive unless it’s a government state registered dog like police trained dogs. 

Do you cater to special need dogs? 

Yes! Adirondack Pet Transport will never turn away a special needs pet or charge an additional fee for services. We love all animals and will never discriminate just because one of our furry passengers needs extra love and attention. Simply provide us with written instructions and required food, garments, restraints, etc and we’ll be sure to keep your loved one safe and happy throughout the trip.

How can I avoid fraudulent pet transport companies? 

Inexperienced drivers and handlers pose a threat to your pet. Unfortunately, fraudulent pet transportation companies can be hard to recognize. They are usually found on sites such as CitizenShipper, UShip, Craigslist, and Facebook. Fraudulent companies will also require you to use Moneygram, Western Union, Walmart to Walmart, or PayPal Friend to Friend or cash only for payment.  

They also will not ask you for a health certificate or proof your pet(s) is UTD. 

Many will transport many animals with parvo, ticks, and other transmission of diseases. Many will not ask you or don’t care if the other pet(s) that were in the transport were sick.  We get a lot of calls from unhappy callers wanting to book with us and stating they were scammed, their pet got sick with parvo, distempter, injured,  etc etc. This is why its important to go with a professional transporter. 

If a pet transport company is asking you to remove your bank from the equation, you’re likely dealing with an unlicensed service, and putting you and your pet at risk. Pet owners should also be aware that some breeders, shelters, pet owners,  use cheap transportation services in an effort to cut costs and sell more animals, especially to out-of-state clients. Don’t let your breeders or shelter coordinate your transport without looking into the service yourself. Certified breeders and shelters will always work with you to arrange the transportation service you are most comfortable with and contact the transport company directly.   At all times make sure they are USDA licensed, insured and have a valid business to transport animals. 

What documents will I need to pick up and drop off? 

We require a valid photo I.D. and signature at both pick up and drop off to ensure the safety of your pet. We will ask for the name(s) of the individual(s) expected to be present at pick up and drop off and will verify both during the process of transportation. In doing this, we will ensure your pet is picked up and dropped off safely and securely without any hitches along the way.

Furthermore, as stated above and according to the USDA, you will also need a pet health certificate at time of pick up to ensure that your pet and the other pets on our transport are safe and healthy.  (Long distance travels) 

Do you send us text pictures of our pet while traveling?

Yes, we will take pictures of your pet and text them to you. We leave open communication for about 10 minutes every 4 hours, if traffic permits.  We can text you with each stop to notify you were we are located and that can average around 2 -3 hours.   We get a lot of text messages while we are on the road, we cannot text and drive, so soon as we are able to stop, we will get back to you.  Please do understand this is a law, but also for the safety of the driver and your pet(s).

Do you offer weekly pet sitting rate?

Yes we do.  


How do I get a quote?

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