Senior Discount

The team at Adirondack P.E.T.S. believes strongly in the human-animal bond.  This is especially important for senior citizens who rely more than others on their canine and feline friends.  We want to help our senior clients take stellar care of their pets for as long as possible and thus we offer a 10% discount to individuals over 65 years of age with valid identification. 

Additionally, our staff is highly trained in client education.  If you are a senior citizen and having trouble medicating your pet at home, please ask one of our staff members for assistance.  In some circumstances (hyperthyroid cats, animals on oral chemotherapy and diabetes) we can arrange for a staff member to visit your home to administer medication or arrange for repeat daily staff appointments so that you can be sure your pet is being medicated properly.  We work with all veterinaries in home medication administration. 

Firemen, Police Officers, Veterans, Active Duty, and DEC

I believe strongly in rewarding those individuals who day in and day out put their own lives at risk in order to protect the members of the community.  All firemen, police officers, active duty servicemen and veterans will be offered a 10% discount with valid identification.  Additionally, I am a wildlife lover and want to extend this service discount to DEC who work hard to keep the Adirondack mountains safe.

Rescue Organizations

Rescue organizations will be given individualized discounts per referral and completion and open to established contracts.  If you would like to add your rescue organization to our website, please contact me directly at

FEMA dogs, Police K9s, SAR dogs, Service dogs, etc

Many are sensitive to the stresses that these dogs incur as a result of being "working dogs" which often means frequent vet visits, emergency treatment, and screening for degenerative and metabolic diseases which can interfere with their ability to perform their very important jobs. All service animals will receive 10% off of their transportation bill with valid proof of identification.

Client Referrals (Transport only)

If you are pleased with Adirondack P.E.T.S. and the staff, please tell your friends about us!  We love to have referrals.  Refer one friend a month, receive $5 off services, refer 2 friends, receive $8 off services, refer 3 friends in the same month and receive a free transport up to 10 miles!  Refer 4 or more completed books, receive a free nail clip and ear clean travel up to 10 miles.  All referrals must be booked and completed trips to count toward the referral system.


Financial Aid

If you are have having financial difficulties and cannot pay for services, we have an application that can be filled out under more, then financial aid application.  If funds are in the account from sale profits, we will try to help with transport cost.   The transport will never be paid in full because we try to spread the money out to other customers who need the service.